Rusticity is the quality of being rustic.

Rusticity is an international brand of traditional products handcrafted to complement your modern living style. These are products that you will use on a daily basis at home; give as a present to your loved ones; use to pep up your workspace, etc. Our products are crafted to add the desired traditionally rustic flavor to your lives. While simultaneously creating modern usability and value.


We source our products in a fair and responsible manner from artisans and producers located in remote and rural parts. Of India where these arts and crafts have evolved over thousands of years and multiple generations.


Is based out of New Delhi, India, with operations in the United States, Canada. The United Kingdom and the European Union.



If you were looking for a quality product to make your desk get that rustic visage, look no further. With its vintage wood brown complexion and a grainy texture, Rusticity’s wooden pen holder, skilfully handcrafted by. Rural artisans from remote villages in India serves your purpose better than any mass-market product. It is the perfect addition to your study table, your workspace, your bedside table or the living room. Shelves where it can be used for storing multiple items such as your pens, pencils, paint brushes, etc.rusticity




It is never too early nor too late to renovate your kitchen. And there can be nothing better and trendier than including some rustic items in your kitchenware collection. Rusticity’s Wood Serving Trays are handcrafted out of a single block of wood by traditional artisans from rural India using skilled techniques for the correct amount of ornateness. These are perfectly safe for any edible product, and the rustic wood finish and intricate carvings make for a stylish gift for birthdays, festive occasions, etc.rusticity




It is never too early nor too late to renovate your kitchen and dining area with a few rustic additions to complement your wooden spatulas and sun-kissed cabinets. With its rich brown color, intricate hand-carved designs and a tree trunk pattern, Rusticity’s wooden coaster set with holder has a lot to offer in terms of the desired rustic touch to your dining table.

A perfect accessory to display along with your ceramic dinnerware or the genteel Opalware for a beautiful evening with your guests.rusticity