Spangler Science Club

Spangler Science Club

What about Steve Spangler Club. Well, Steve Spangler is a teacher, science toy designer, speaker, author. And an Emmy award-winning television personality. Spangler is probably best known for his Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment that went viral in 2005 and taught. Millions of people how to turn an ordinary bottle of Diet Coke and a roll of Mentos. Into an erupting soda geyser.Spangler Science Club

Spangler is the founder of Steve Spangler Science, a Denver-based company specializing in the creation. Of science toys, classroom science demonstrations, teacher resources and home for Spangler’s popular science experiment archive. And video collection. Over 160 million people have watched his online science videos. And now you can experience his hands-on science fun each month.Spangler Science Club

. He’s a former classroom teacher, best-selling author, two-time Emmy winner. Holds a Guinness World Record for the Largest Physics Experiment. And will do anything possible to make science fun.

What About The Club

The club is a very exciting way for your child to do experiments and learn about science as for my kids they love just learning about science and how the world of science is so amazing. Well, the Club features highly interactive experiments and hands-on activities created by Steve Spangler. His easy to follow lessons serve as an introduction to more in-depth experiments and challenges that push the learner’s creativity to the next level. The experiments are likely to fizz, pop, bubble or erupt into something that is guaranteed to fill the room with oohs & ahhs. All the boxes come with new and exciting experiments for everyone to enjoy everything they need to know about science.Spangler Science Club

A subscription to Steve Spangler club your child can get ready for the future career with hands-on science experiments and design challenges that teach children how to think like a scientist.