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World of Warcraft

Succeed in World Of Warcraft! This amazing program helps you to make GOLD faster than ever.  Improve your GAME, Improve your Wealth in Game!


The Tycoon Addon will help you maximize your gold by increasing its generation by an impressive 350% per hour. It examines the auction house, estimates your server’s economy and even tries to find out profitable. Prospects for you where you can gather, craft, farm and sell money making items for a profit. After buying them for a cheaper price.

This addon will also give you an advantage over the other players, as you will be able to find the most profitable items to sell in the market and make more gold than the others would still be using the usual tactics. This way you can beat the competition and stand out as a tycoon!

The Tycoon Addon will also provide you with some very powerful tools that can help you quicken your gold growth process. The gathering, farming, crafting and auction house modules will give you the best direction to make more gold than you can imagine. By getting the correct insight into gathering, crafting and farming, you will get the ability to single out the most underpriced items in an auction house, buying them and selling them at a huge profit


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